Expert Drywall, Inc.

Expert Drywall Testimonials

The client testimonials below reflect the many superb partnerships Expert Drywall maintains to complete a diverse range of high-quality projects in the Pacific Northwest.

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Brian Duke, Sellen Construction Company

“Expert Drywall is the best drywall company I’ve worked with. I’ve worked with others, but Expert’s final product is superior. They are also proactive with safety and solving issues before they become issues. They do a great job and raise the bar for their competitors.” Brian Duke, Superintendent
Sellen Construction Company
Seattle, WA

Brad Hayes, Sellen Construction Company

“We’ve done a lot of work with Expert Drywall, and not one project has gone south. Every project is a good experience. There’s a lot of competition in this field, but we know we can count on Expert to be a good partner with fair pricing, credibility, and a quality product.” Brad Hayes, Senior Project Manager
Sellen Construction Company
Seattle, WA

Chris Heger, Turner Construction

“Expert Drywall’s culture is built on creativity, quality, and commitment. They are open-minded about problem-solving and improving the building process. Jim, Tom, and Marty are men of their word every time and all the time. They have a seamless quality system that starts with safety, layout, and framing and runs through the best taping I have seen in the industry.” Chris Heger, Project Manager
Turner Construction
Seattle, WA

Mike McClure, MJR Development Inc.

“We worked with Expert Drywall on our Madison Lofts Condominiums in Seattle. Not only are they quality craftsmen, but Expert stands behind their work and their product well after completion of the project. This kind of corporate value system is harder and harder to find today.” Mike McClure, Partner
MJR Development Inc.
Kirkland, WA

Tyler Tonkin, GLY Construction

“We’ve done several projects with Expert Drywall, and they have always done a good job for me. Their field staff is technically competent, safety-minded, diligent about tracking costs, responsive, and proactive with the schedule and project management. I would provide the Expert team a strong recommendation in the pursuit of future projects. They always respond to what we need, which differentiates them from their competitors.” Tyler Tonkin, Senior Project Manager/Principal
GLY Construction
Seattle, WA

David Wacob, Providence Regional Medical Center

“Expert Drywall is highly competent. I am impressed with how they approach the job in a logical way with preplanning, being team players, staying on schedule, and working with other subcontractors. Quality control, knowledge of the hospital environment, and communication are at the top of the list for us, and Expert does them well.” David Wacob, Projects/Construction Manager
Providence Regional Medical Center
Everett, WA

Mark Baughman, Mortenson Construction

“Expert Drywall provides excellent field supervision and jobsite performance and knows how to manage their labor and material resources to achieve the project's schedule goals. Their field staff are dedicated and great to work with. We just finished a project together for Providence Regional Medical Center in Everett, WA, and they consistently delivered the right resources at the right time to complete the project successfully.” Mark Baughman, Construction Executive
Mortenson Construction
Seattle, WA

Jeff Longacre, Howard S. Wright

“Expert Drywall has a customer-service mentality. Expert is on my list of go-to people because they do highly professional work with an attention to detail and good craftsmanship.” Jeff Longacre, Senior Project Manager
Howard S. Wright
Seattle, WA

Paul Carter, Wilcox Construction

“Expert Drywall is one of the best; certainly no one is superior. They are consistently competitively priced. The project manager we work with is quite responsive and service-oriented. In the field, they have a good-quality crew and can man-up to finish a job on time. They are always reliable without a lot of change orders. If you need a good drywall company, call Expert.” Paul Carter, Vice President
Wilcox Construction
Edmonds, WA

Ken Snyder, Graham Contracting Group

“Expert has a high-level of quality, both with the people and the product they produce. They are easy to work with on coordinating a schedule. We are confident they will stick to a schedule and get things right.” Ken Snyder, President
Graham Contracting Group
Seattle, WA