Expert Drywall, Inc.

Expert’s Long-Standing Commitment to Safety

Expert Drywall takes a highly proactive, integrated approach to safety. Expert employs a full-time safety manager, Shelley Sigurdson, who is charged with implementing every aspect of our safety programs. In addition to complying with industry-required training and standards, Expert applies company-specific programs across all operations in a concerted effort to promote safety awareness, employee well-being, and the safest possible onsite work practices.

Low Experience Modification Rate

All of our site-specific safety programs exceed regulatory requirements. As a result, Expert has earned a low Experience Modification Rating (EMR) of 0.7473, allowing us to extend to clients one of the highest-quality insurance and bonding programs in the industry.

Expert maintains safe and healthy work environments by continually following standard health and safety procedures, including provisions of specific OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) regulations and applicable state laws.

Safety Training

Training and orientation of all personnel and onsite subcontractors and teaming partners is continuous. At a minimum, all Expert field personnel who perform fieldwork are trained in:

At least one supervisor at each jobsite receives additional specialized training in supervisory safety procedures (including job analysis and task-specific planning) along with first aid/CPR. All employees participate in weekly scheduled safety meetings. Clean, safe projects are standard, and the company is committed to eliminating workplace injuries.

Safety Management

Established safety protocols for worker protection and control are enforced at each job site. These protocols include:

Safety Incentive Policy

To encourage and support workplace safety and provide incentives to all associates, Expert established a Safety Incentive Program. Each associate can earn quarterly rewards for achieving zero safety-policy infractions or workplace injuries.

Drug-Free Workplace Policy

Expert also participates in the Northwest Wall and Ceiling Industry Drug-Free Program, which requires drug testing for all new hires, universal lottery testing, and for-cause and post-accident testing.