Expert Drywall, Inc.

Expert Drywall Honors

Among the many awards received by Expert Drywall are those that recognize an unparalleled safety record and superior industry commercial awards. Expert also prides itself on forging industry partnerships and taking leadership roles – and giving back to the local community through volunteership and donations.

Industry Awards

Expert Drywall has been repeatedly recognized within the built-environment industry for creating superior structures. Some of the more prestigious awards include:


Community Involvement

Expert Drywall is committed to reinvesting in a community that has contributed so deeply to the firm’s success. Expert believes a commitment to their local community is enriching, adds depth to their perspective, and gives credence to their roots as an engaged, locally owned Pacific Northwest company.

Continued investment in and involvement with the community are integral components of the company’s values. Expert Drywall actively provides volunteers, services, and financial support to a multitude of civic, charitable, and community organizations in the Pacific Northwest, including: