Expert Drywall, Inc.

About Expert Drywall

Locally owned for more than 65 years in the Seattle area, Expert Drywall, Inc., is the Pacific Northwest’s premier provider of steel-stud framing and drywall services. Expert’s extended capabilities, geographic coverage, and combined expertise ensure first-rate, cost-effective project performance.

A Brief History

Expert Drywall was founded in 1948 by Wayne “Hardrock” Blanchard to take advantage of the post-war housing boom. His collaboration with William Campbell (inventor of Beadex Trims) led to Expert Drywall pioneering light-gauge, steel-stud framing in the Pacific Northwest in the 1950’s.

Project Manager Philip Ramey became a company shareholder in 1972 and continued leading Expert’s growth as a premier specialty subcontractor until his retirement in 2002. At that time, two long-term company associates, Martin Holberg and James McDade, became shareholders. They continue the legacy of specializing in steel-stud framing (light- and heavy-gauge) and providing innovative steel-framing products and services for their clients.

Broad Client Base

Expert Drywall has worked with every major general contractor in the Pacific Northwest while achieving an enviable, consistent track record of completing projects safely, on time, and within budget. The company mission is to achieve complete client satisfaction on every project.

Our Services

Expert Drywall, Inc., is the Pacific Northwest’s premier provider of such drywall services as: